What Herman Miller Chair Do I Have? A Comprehensive Guide To The Most

What Herman Miller Chair Do I Have? A Comprehensive Guide To The Most Prominent Herman Miller Chairs

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What Herman Miller Chair Do I Have? A 2024 Guide To The Most Prominent Herman Miller Chairs

What Herman Miller Chair Do I Have

Are you sitting on a mystery chair and suspect it might be a Herman Miller, or perhaps you're eyeing one in the second-hand market but want to make sure it's the real deal? Whether you've inherited an office chair from a family member, scooped one up from a curbside find, or are considering a pre-owned purchase, it's important to know exactly what you're sitting on. That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide to the most prominent Herman Miller office chairs. Dive in to discover the distinctive features and styles of these ergonomic masterpieces, so you can sit confidently knowing exactly what kind of comfort and design your chair is bringing to your space. Whether for verification, curiosity, or simply an appreciation for iconic design, we've got you covered.

Aeron Classic


The Aeron Classic chair is a super popular office chair designed by two guys, Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. It's well-known because it's super comfortable, looks pretty cool, and lasts a long time. It was a big deal when it came out in 1994 because it was all about making sure people sitting for a long time don't feel sore or uncomfortable.

Distinctive Features:

Special Mesh Fabric: The chair has this special mesh stuff called Pellicle. It's not like regular cushion; it's more breathable and shapes itself to fit you just right, so you don't get all sweaty and uncomfortable.

You Can Adjust It: You can tweak a bunch of things on this chair like how high it is, how much it leans back, and where the armrests sit. This means you can make it fit just how you like it.

Back Support: It's got this special support for your lower back that you can move up and down. This helps you sit straight and not get a sore back after sitting for a long time.

Moves With You: The chair tilts and moves in a way that feels natural when you lean back or forward. It's all about keeping you comfortable while you move around.

Different Sizes: Not everyone is the same size, right? So, they made this chair in different sizes so more people can find one that fits them perfectly.

Environmentally Friendly: It's made with the environment in mind. A lot of the chair can be recycled, and they made sure it's going to last a long time.

Cool Design: It looks different from other office chairs. It's sleek and has a kind of futuristic look that makes it stand out.

In short, the Aeron Classic is a big deal because it's comfy, adjustable, good for the planet, and has a cool look. It's all about making sure you're sitting well and feeling good, no matter how long you're at your desk.

Aeron Remastered


The Aeron Remastered is like the updated version of the classic Aeron chair. It's still all about comfort and good looks, but with some newer tweaks and technology to make it even better. It's like when your favorite sneakers come out with a new version that's just a bit more comfy and stylish.

Distinctive Features:

Updated Mesh: They took the cool breathable mesh from the original and made it even better. It's called 8Z Pellicle mesh now, and it's got different zones of tension to support your body just right and make sure you're super comfortable.

Better Adjustments: You can still adjust a lot of things like in the classic version, but now it's smoother and more refined. The armrests and the seat angle have better controls so you can really get that perfect sitting position.

Improved Back Support: The lumbar support got an upgrade with something called PostureFit SL. It's basically two pads that support your back in just the right spots to keep you sitting straight and comfy.

More Responsive Tilt: They tweaked how the chair moves with you. Now, when you lean back or forward, it feels more natural and supportive, almost like the chair's giving you a little nudge to sit better.

Eco-Friendly Too: Just like the classic, this chair cares about the planet. It's made with more recyclable materials and designed to last, so you don't have to worry about getting a new one anytime soon.

Sleeker Look: While it keeps the cool, futuristic vibe of the original, the Remastered Aeron has a more polished and modern look. It's like they took the classic design and just fine-tuned it to look even better in today's offices.

In simple terms, the Aeron Remastered is like the classic Aeron's younger, more tech-savvy sibling. It's got all the comfort and style you'd expect but with some neat updates that make sitting down for work or play a real treat.

Mirra 1


Mirra 1 is another cool chair from Herman Miller. It's known for being sturdy, comfortable, and pretty stylish too. It came out after the Aeron chair and brought some new ideas to the table, focusing on being adaptable and supportive no matter how much you move around.

Distinctive Features:

Flexible Back: The backrest is made of a flexible material that adjusts to your back as you move. It's like it's hugging your back all day, so you feel supported and comfy.

Airy Seat: The seat is made of a similar mesh to the Aeron, which means it's breathable and keeps you cool. No more getting up feeling all hot and bothered after sitting for a long time.

Adjustable Everything: You can tweak a bunch of things like the armrests, seat height, and the amount of tilt. It's all about making sure you can set it up just how you like it.

Strong and Light: It's made to be super durable but not heavy. So, it's easy to move around if you need to, and it'll last ages.

Cool Design: It's got a unique look with a kind of futuristic and sleek design. It stands out in the office but in a good way, like a piece of modern art you can sit on!

In simple terms, Mirra 1 is all about giving you a comfy spot to sit that moves with you and lasts a long time. It's got a bunch of adjustments to make sure it fits just right, and it looks pretty neat too!

Mirra 2


Mirra 2 is like the next level of the Mirra chair series from Herman Miller. It takes all the good stuff from Mirra 1 and adds some updates to make it even better. It's a chair that's all about adapting to your moves and keeping you comfortable through long hours at the desk or in meetings.

Distinctive Features:

Reinvented Backrest: They upgraded the backrest to be even more supportive and flexible. It moves with you more intuitively, so you feel like the chair's got your back, literally, no matter how much you twist and turn.

Butterfly Back Option: One of the cool new features is the "Butterfly Back," a combination of the flexible polymer and a fabric layer that feels super light and comfy while giving you all the support you need.

Enhanced Adjustability: Like the original Mirra, you can adjust a lot, but now it's even more refined. The seat, armrests, and tilt can all be tweaked smoother and more precisely, so it feels like the chair was made just for you.

Leaner Design: They made Mirra 2 lighter and slimmer without compromising on strength. It's easier to move around and fits better in today's sleek office spaces.

Eco-Friendly: Mirra 2 is built with sustainability in mind, using more recyclable materials and designed to be durable. It's good for you and the planet.

Colorful Choices: It comes in a bunch of colors and finishes, so you can choose one that fits your style or office vibe. It's like customizing your ride but for sitting!

In simple terms, Mirra 2 is all about taking a great chair and making it even better. It's designed to be super comfortable, adjustable, and stylish, adapting to your every move and making sure you stay focused and relaxed, whether you're working hard or just chilling.



The Embody chair by Herman Miller is all about improving your health and comfort while you work. It's designed with input from doctors and physiotherapists and is super focused on making sure your body is happy and supported, especially during those long hours at the desk.

Distinctive Features:

Backfit Adjustment: The Embody has a unique back that can be adjusted to align perfectly with your spine's natural curve. This means you get personalized support that mimics your back's movements, helping you stay comfortable and focused.

Pixelated Support: The seat and back are designed with a technology they call "pixelated support." It's like a bunch of tiny supports that conform to your body's micro-movements. This helps distribute your weight evenly and reduce pressure.

Layers of Technology: The chair is built with several layers of materials that work together to provide support, breathability, and comfort. It's like a high-tech sandwich that's all about making you feel good.

Narrow Backrest: The backrest is narrow and shaped more like your spine. This design encourages a more active, forward posture and allows for more movement of your arms and shoulders.

Health-Positive Design: Every part of the Embody is designed to promote better circulation, reduce heart rate, and support more oxygen flow. It's all about keeping you healthy while you sit.

Environmentally Friendly: Like other Herman Miller chairs, the Embody is built with sustainability in mind. It's made with durable, high-quality materials and is designed to last a long time.

In simple terms, the Embody chair is like having a health and comfort coach built into your seat. It's super smart about making sure your back, butt, and whole body are happy, even when you're sitting down all day. It's also pretty sleek looking and good for the planet, too.




The Sayl chair is another innovative seat from Herman Miller, known for its unique design and comfort. It doesn't look like your typical office chair; it's got a distinctive style inspired by suspension bridges. It's all about giving you good support without using a ton of materials or costing a lot.

Distinctive Features:

3D Intelligent Back: The back of the Sayl chair is made to mimic a suspension bridge with a frameless design. It stretches and moves with you, offering support without feeling rigid. It's like the backrest is giving you a gentle, supportive hug.

Eco-Dematerialised Design: They used fewer materials to make the Sayl but still made sure it's super strong and comfortable. It's kind of minimalist, which is cool because it's better for the environment and looks sleek.

Adjustable Settings: You can adjust the seat height, depth, and the tilt of the chair to fit you just right. It's all about making sure you're as comfy as possible.

Y-Tower Structure: The back's support structure looks like the letter Y, and it's the backbone of the chair's design. It's not just there for looks; it provides the support and stretchiness for the backrest.

Colorful Options: The Sayl chair comes in a bunch of different colors and finishes. You can mix and match to make the chair fit your style or office decor.

Affordable Quality: One of the big deals with Sayl is that it offers good quality ergonomics and design at a more accessible price point. It's all about bringing good design to more people.

In simple terms, the Sayl chair is a bit like a cool piece of modern art you can sit on. It's all about giving you support and comfort with a unique design. It's got this special back that moves with you, lots of adjustments, and it's good for the planet too. Plus, it's a bit easier on the wallet while still giving you that Herman Miller quality.



The Cosm chair by Herman Miller is a sleek and modern chair designed to give you instant comfort without a lot of fuss. It's pretty high-tech, with a design that's all about making life simpler and comfier. The chair has a neat, futuristic look and is meant to automatically respond to your body's movements and posture.

Distinctive Features:

Auto-Harmonic Tilt: This fancy feature means the chair automatically adjusts the recline resistance to fit your body and how you move. You don't have to fiddle with knobs or levers; it just feels right as soon as you sit down.

Flexible Frame: The frame of the Cosm is flexible and moves with you. It's like it's tuned in to your every shift and twist, making sure you're always snug and supported.

Leaf Arms: If you choose the model with arms, the Cosm's arms are uniquely designed to be super comfortable. They're called "Leaf Arms" because of their shape, and they provide a gentle, continuous support for your elbows and forearms.

Breathable and Temperature Neutral: The material used for the seat and back is breathable and temperature neutral. This means you stay cool and comfortable, even if you're sitting for a long time.

Minimalist and Bold Design: The Cosm stands out with its sleek profile and a variety of color options. It's designed to look good anywhere, from a high-tech office to a stylish home workspace.

One-Piece Suspension: The back and seat are made of a continuous piece of material that creates a hammock-like feel. It cradles you comfortably and provides support where you need it without any hard edges or frames.

In simple terms, the Cosm chair is like the smart, stylish friend who's always relaxed and comfortable no matter what's going on. It adjusts to you without you even having to think about it, and it's all about keeping you comfy and cool. Plus, it looks pretty slick in any room.



The Celle chair by Herman Miller is a sturdy, ergonomic office chair designed to provide comfortable, long-lasting support. It's built to fit a wide range of people and is suitable for both office and home environments. The Celle is known for its durability and flexibility, aiming to keep you comfy throughout your workday.

Distinctive Features:

Cellular Suspension: The back of the Celle chair features a unique cellular suspension system made up of small cells and loops. This design helps distribute weight evenly, reduce pressure points, and allow airflow to keep you cool.

Adjustable Features: The chair comes with various adjustable features like seat height, seat depth, tilt tension, and armrests. You can tweak these to fit your body and sitting preferences, making sure you're as comfortable as possible.

Durable Design: The Celle is built to last. It's made with high-quality materials that are meant to stand up to years of use. This makes it a good investment if you're looking for something that will stick around for a while.

Supportive Backrest: The backrest is designed to be both supportive and flexible. It moves with you as you shift and change positions, providing consistent support and encouraging better posture.

Variety of Options: It comes in a range of colors and finishes, so you can choose the one that best fits your style or workspace. You can also select different types of casters depending on where you'll be using the chair.

Environmentally Conscious: In line with Herman Miller's commitment to sustainability, the Celle chair is made with recyclable materials and is designed to have a minimal environmental impact.

In simple terms, the Celle chair is like a reliable friend that's always there to keep you comfy and supported. It's sturdy, adjustable, and has a cool backrest that's all about making sure you're sitting well. Plus, it's built to last and be kind to the planet. Whether you're typing away at work or chilling out at home, the Celle's got your back.

Seated in Style: Concluding Thoughts on Popular Herman Miller Chairs

If you're lucky enough to be sitting on a Herman Miller chair, chances are it's one of the iconic models we've discussed. While there are certainly other chairs in the Herman Miller lineup, the ones mentioned stand out for their popularity and enduring design. Each has made its mark for bringing a unique blend of comfort, style, and innovation to homes and offices around the world. So, whether you're identifying an inherited piece, making an informed purchase, or simply admiring the craftsmanship, you can be confident that these models represent the best of what Herman Miller has to offer.

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