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Steelcase Gesture: a 2022 review

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Steelcase Gesture Office Chair 2022 Review

Steelcase is a prominent name in the office furniture world. Any office furniture expert will easily include several products from Steelcase when asked about the best office chairs in the market. With an experience that dates back to 1912, this US based company has certainly provided our offices, and lately our home offices, with many solid options to choose from.

Reviewing every Steelcase office chair is certainly not an easy thing to do. Every product entails various options, features, and a dedicated market segment.

In this article, we will review one of their most wanted chairs: Steelcase Gesture. So, what makes this one special? Aside from being professional looking, there are several other factors that make them wanted in every office environment.

Steelcase Gesture Overview

Release date



$900 - $1200 


47 - 57"


22.375 - 34.625"


21 - 23.625"

Seat height

16 - 21"

The Gesture is a classic one and has been in the market for around 9 years now. The fact that they are still releasing brand new ones speaks for itself.

Quick Feature breakdown

Steelcase Gesture Armpads and Armrests

First of all, it is intrinsic to point out one of the most important features of the chair. The armrests are considered to be one of the most versatile amongst other ergonomic models, and that is including competing brands. The armrests on most office chairs are designed to be adjusted vertically only and at best pivoting and vertically .In the case of Gesture, one push of a button elevates the arms vertically to suit users of all heights, and In addition to the vertical movement, the entire arm at the joint swings horizontally as well, leaving enough room for all sizes. The flexibility of the chair arm movement combined with the versatility of the 4 directional armpads makes the armrests of the Gesture unbeatable in accommodating the users placement of forearms and elbows. Users who like to sit with their legs underneath them or those who have larger thighs are in for a treat. The combination of a wider than average seat and the brilliantly designed and strategically located arm attachment point give you all the space you need to sit comfortably. 

Steelcase Gesture chair knobs

There are two knobs on the right of the seat that allow you to control both the back and seat. Smart enough, the back handle controls the back and the front handle controls the seat so you will not fiddle around every time you want to adjust something.

Steelcase Gesture back

The chair’s back has many options for your preferred posture, which allow the user to control the resistance. Moreover, whether you want the back to support you while doing some work, you can set it to an upright lock or it can go into an adjustable recline mode, where you select how much it can go back, and thus, multiple backstops. Moving on to an aesthetic aspect that many users have found appealing is how the adjustable lumbar mechanism in the Gesture is conveniently built internally so it does not create a visual distraction.

Steelcase Gesture seat

When it comes to a comfortable seat, Gesture delivers. The cushion is thick  with a resilient foam  and  with rubberized sides to provide your bottom with a comfortable experience that lasts with time. Another beneficial feature is the ability to control the seat’s depth, the sliding seat has can be dialed in fine tuned increments via the side dial which is easier and smoother than most seat depth adjustments that require you to standup and face the chair to engage the the adjustment mechanism while you pull or push the seat.  


Receiving your fully refurbished Steelcase Gesture chair does not require you to be an expert to get it up and ready. You will receive the back, seat, and armrests installed so you only have to connect the gas cylinder and install the casters. The whole process should not take more than one minute. Please check the following for more information:

  1. Open the package for casters and push the caster stem into the holes on the bottom of the five-star base ~ 15 seconds.
  2. Align chair seat with hole over the cylinder and place cylinder into the hole at the bottom of seat
  3.   Sit on the chair and bounce on it with your behind to secure the cylinder to chair seat ~ 6 secs
  4.   You are good to go!


Let us be honest here, this is probably not the first product you are interested in buying or at least learning about. Every company can praise its products and label them as the “best in the market”. Therefore, we thought it is a good idea to let the actual users decide if it is a good investment or not by showing some of the reviews on Reddit and Amazon:


  • “This is my dream chair and the plan is to grab in around a years time when I can afford it, glad to know my painstaking research a few years back and continuing to hold the dream alive in my heart is worth it!’
  • “3 weeks of use, I love it!”
  • “Ordered a Steelcase Gesture during the Blackfriday-Sale and couldn't be happier. Finally a decent chair and it's absolutely gorgeous imo.”
  • “worth every penny’


  • “After years of searching for a chair this is the one.”
  • “I was pretty skeptical about the chair when I purchased it. However it really is the most comfortable chair I have sat in”
  • “The Steelcase Gesture chair has made me more comfortable at my desk than I have ever been, and I only wish that I had bought it sooner.”
  • “I finally upgraded from a gaming chair and wow was it worth it. This chair is very comfortable and provides excellent support especially for my back and arms.”
  • “I purchased this Steelcase chair for my home office. I'm 6 foot, 300Lbs +, and find it very comfy & sturdy.”
  • “This chair is so comfortable that I like sitting in it even when I'm not working. I suppose there's no higher compliment I can give.”

Bottom line

A classic office chair like the Steelcase Gesture is still in its prime even in 2022 owing to its advanced features. We saw the versatility of the armrests, smart design of the knobs, multiple backstops, and a comfortable seat that allows its user to adjust the depth. Most importantly, Reddit and Amazon have reached a consensus that it is still one of the best office chairs available in the market. At the end, it is primarily the users who decide if a certain product fulfills their needs and fills the gap others cannot. 

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