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Touch up paint. Is it worth your money?

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Touch up paint to save your office chair.

Touch up paint for Herman Miller office chairs

Using your chair for a while might leave some unwanted aesthetic defects. Let’s face it, how many times have you bumped your armrest against your office desk? Maybe you wanted to grab a quick coffee before your boss noticing but ended up smacking your chair against the wall. It happens, trust us. That’s why getting yourself a can to conceal this mess is a good investment.

What causes these scratches?

Typically, most of the damage to your office chair’s paint happens with friction, whether against a sharp object, blows, or simply just wear and tear. The original paint gets peeled off and the material beneath it is exposed, which creates this unappealing look of a scratch.

What is touch up paint?

Touch up paint is a layer of a permanent sprayable paint that acts as a concealer for small scratches or scuff marks. It mimics the function of the original paint and stays for a long time. Of course, deep damage or dents, however, will not be fixed, as the main purpose is to hide small nicks. In other words, if your chair has some minor scratches, investing in a can of touch up paint is a good idea to restore the original look to its former glory.

How to use it?

Our products work extremely well with Herman Miller ergonomic office chairs, such as Mirra One and Two, Aeron, and Embody. Make sure to match the color profile as much as you can. After receiving your new can, follow these simple steps to achieve the best results:

  1. If the office chair is damaged, you can use a sander to sand the dents or damages before painting, for a smoother and nicer result.
  2. Wearing the appropriate gear and a mask is highly recommended. While the touch up paint is extremely safe to use, it is still considered a chemical product. It is always a good practice to treat chemicals with caution.
  3. It is essential to ensure that the room is well-ventilated. Moreover, ventilation should be given extra attention when painting extensive surface area.
  4. Generally, floor covers might not be necessary, except for projects where the focus is on the base.
  5. For the best consistency, shake the can well prior to spraying.
  6. For unused cans, test-spray for 4 to 7 seconds until the stream is consistent and not sputtering.
  7. Clean and dust the surface area. Ensure that the surface is completely dry.
  8. Cover the scratched area in an even thin coat, which should be enough to mask the damage
  9. Normally an alcohol-based product, like ours, takes about 7 minutes to dry, unlike oil-based products that can take up to several hours. Although, while the paint can dry in such a short period, it is advised to wait around 30 minutes for the touch up paint to be completely cured. It should be noted that it takes a longer time to dry in humid or very cold environments.

Office chairs tend to be scratched and aesthetically damaged. It is completely fine. The good news is you can solve this, eye soring, problem by simply spraying those odd spots, especially if you own one of Herman Miller’s top office chairs, especially Mirra One and Two, Aeron, and Embody.  If you follow the aforementioned instructions and tips, you will achieve the desired results to restore your office chair’s shiny look.

Aeron Embody Herman Miller Mirra One Mirra Two Office chairs Touch up paint

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