Steelcase Amia Gas Cylinder Replacement Tutorial

Steelcase Amia Gas Cylinder Replacement Tutorial

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How To Replace The Gas Cylinder on The Steelcase Amia Chair?

Have you ever wondered what is the process of replacing the gas cylinder on your Steelcase Amia chair? The spotlight of today's guide is on replacing the gas cylinder—a crucial component for ensuring your chair's height adjusts smoothly and stays consistent.

Tools Needed:

  • Pipe Wrench (for loosening the cylinder)
  • Mallet (to help remove the old cylinder)
  • Long Screwdriver (at least 14 inches, Phillips or Flathead, for seat removal)

Steps for Replacing the Gas Cylinder:

Removing the Old Cylinder:

  • Begin by flipping your chair over to access the bottom where the cylinder connects to the mechanism.
  • With your pipe wrench, grip the cylinder and turn it counterclockwise. Remember, if applying extra force, avoid leaning on the tension control knob to prevent damage. Instead, brace yourself by holding onto the chair's arms.
  • Once loosened, use a mallet to gently tap the cylinder out of the chair's base. Don't worry if the casters pop off in the process—they can be easily reattached.

Installing the New Cylinder:

  • Ensure your new cylinder is the button-activated type to match our tutorial. This type is crucial for a seamless replacement.
  • Position the chair's mechanism over the new cylinder, aligning the holes, and apply pressure downwards to secure it into place.
  • Test the functionality with the height adjustment lever. A perfectly functioning cylinder should allow for smooth height adjustments.

Adjusting the Set Screw (If Necessary):

  • Some issues might still persist, like the chair sinking or the height adjustment not responding. This calls for an adjustment of the set screw, which could be located at the bottom or, in some models, at the top of the mechanism.
  • For a chair that sinks on its own, the cylinder is overactivated—loosen the set screw slightly. If the height adjustment isn't responding, tighten the set screw to activate the cylinder properly.
  • In instances where the height lever is loose, you may need to manually adjust it by inserting it into the actuator sleeve. For detailed guidance on this, refer to the dedicated video linked in our description.

Removing and Reinstalling the Seat (For Top Set Screw Adjustment):

  • A long screwdriver is essential for this step to reach beneath the seat and disengage the seat lock mechanism.
  • Create enough space between the seat and the ground to allow easy access to the lock mechanism and for the seat to slide out effortlessly.
  • Insert the screwdriver, locate the lock button on the left side when facing the chair from a certain angle, and press it to release the seat. Slide the seat out smoothly.
  • To reinstall, align the seat's guides with the mechanism rails, ensuring a perfect fit. Use the seat depth lever to slide the seat forward until it locks into place. Verify the seat is securely attached by moving it back and forth using the seat depth lever.

Congratulations, you've just completed the gas cylinder replacement on your Steelcase Amia chair! This repair should restore the chair's height adjustment functionality, making it as reliable as the day you got it. We're committed to providing you with all the knowledge you need to keep your office furniture in prime condition. Don't forget to check out our other tutorials for more invaluable tips, and subscribe for the latest updates. Thank you for following along, and happy repairing!

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