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Mirra 1 VS Mirra 2: Avoid Scammers and Know The Difference!

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Mirra 1 VS Mirra 2: Avoid Scammers and Know The Difference!

Herman Miller Mirra 1 VS Mirra 2 Don't Get Scammed

In today's world of new designs, ergonomic chairs are not just popular; they're changing how we work and relax. Among these changes, the Mirra series stands out for its comfort and modern design. These chairs, known for looking good and being strong, have changed how we think about health and style in furniture. A chair isn't just something to sit on anymore; it's about understanding how we sit and why design matters.

But with every good thing, there are challenges. The big success of the Mirra series has not only attracted true fans but also those trying to trick others. Many people are trying to cheat buyers, leaving them confused.

But don't worry, this article is here to help. We'll give you the tips you need to tell the difference between the Herman Miller Mirra 1 and its newer version, the Herman Miller Mirra 2. With our help, you'll avoid tricky sellers and know what you're buying. Let's learn how to spot the real deal together!

Unmasking the Scam

In the busy world of office furniture sales, there are genuine sellers and some looking to make a quick profit. A common trick is selling the older Mirra 1 chairs as the newer and more advanced Mirra 2. Knowing the differences between the two isn't just about getting your money's worth, but also about understanding how chair design has changed and improved over time.

Spotting the Differences

The Chair's Backbone – The Spine:

Mirra 1 Spine

Mirra 1: The chair's spine tells a lot. You can see it attached to the backrest with two clear bolts. This design has a strong and solid look, showing when it was created. And if you look closer, there are two more bolts holding the spine to the seat base, which is special for this model.

Mirra 2 Spine

Mirra 2: Here, the design becomes more modern. The spine looks like it's one with the backrest. There's a smooth oval frame around the top of the chair, which looks very different from the bolted design of the Mirra 1.

Connecting the Seat – The Small Things That Matter:

Mirra 1 Seat

Mirra 1: How the seat connects is straightforward. It uses bolts, probably T40 ones, to firmly connect to the armrests at the hips. This design makes the chair's structure easy to see, which many people like.

Mirra 2 Seat

Mirra 2: This chair looks more elegant and simple. The bolts are hidden inside, covered by a plastic part. There's also a rubber layer covering where the seat connects, making the design look clean and simple.

The Mechanism – Comparing Sizes and Looks:

Mirra 1 Mechanism

Mirra 1: This chair has a strong and big mechanism, between three to four inches depending on where you measure. This big size shows the time it was made, when chairs were built to last.

Mirra 2 Mechanism

Mirra 2: This chair shows off a modern look. Its mechanism is between two to two-and-a-half inches, showing how chair design has changed to be both small and comfortable.

Extra Differences to Notice

Adjusting the Front – The Flex Front:

Mirra 1 Front

Mirra 1: This chair has a bigger and stronger adjuster, making it feel more hands-on.

Mirra 2 Front

Mirra 2: This chair's adjuster looks more modern and is lighter and easier to use.

Feeling the Front:

Mirra 1 Foam

Mirra 1: When you touch the front, you can feel a layer of foam.

Mirra 2 Foam

Mirra 2: The front is simple with no foam.

Arms Flip Lever:


Mirra 1: The armrest design doesn't have the lines of the Mirra 2, but it still stands out.

Mirra 1 Arm

Mirra 2: The armrests have lines and make a clicking sound when used, making them different.

Mirra 2 Arm

Clearing Up a Common Mistake

Just because a chair has Latitude or back mesh doesn't mean you can tell what type it is. You should look at other parts of the chair to really know. While the mesh can give you a hint, the real differences are in the main parts of the chair we listed above.

To Wrap It Up

The Mirra series shows how chair design has changed over time. Knowing the differences between Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 lets you see this change. With this guide, you'll make better choices when buying. Thanks for joining us in learning about these chairs, and always remember: the best buyers are the ones who know what they're looking for. Happy shopping!

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