Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar Support Edition Unboxing and Assembly Tutor

Herman Miller Aeron Lumbar Support Edition Unboxing and Assembly Tutorial

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How To Unbox and Assemble The Herman Miller Aeron Classic With Lumbar Support?

Welcome to a thorough tutorial on setting up your Herman Miller Aeron chair with Lumbar Support Edition. This guide is divided into three main sections: unboxing and initial setup, ensuring a perfect fit for the backrest, and adjusting the gas cylinder pin for consistent height control. Let's embark on this journey to ergonomic comfort.

Unboxing and Initial Setup:

Opening the Box:

  • Carefully remove the sealing from the box and take out all the parts. It's advisable to retain the box and wrapping during the trial period for potential returns.

Installing the Backrest:

  • Detach the four screws on the backrest, position the backrest correctly, and then reattach the screws firmly.

Inserting the Lumbar Support:

  • Follow the provided instructions to insert the lumbar support into its designated place on the chair.

Attaching the Casters:

  • Flip the chair base over to insert the casters.

Fitting the Backrest Correctly:

Identifying the Correct Size:

  • Verify the backrest size by checking the dots under the upper lip of the backrest. One dot signifies size A, two dots for size B, and three dots for size C.

Adjusting the Yoke and Bushing:

  • If there's a gap between the metal yoke and the plastic bushing, they need to be realigned. This can be achieved manually, with a rubber mallet, or using the diagonal bolt technique for a tighter fit.

Adjusting the Gas Cylinder Pin:

Troubleshooting Height Adjustment Issues:

If the chair adjusts its height unexpectedly, the issue can usually be fixed by adjusting a pin beneath the chair cover. Remove the cover, locate the pin, and use an Allen wrench or hex key to adjust it gradually. Tightening the pin too much can cause damage, so proceed with caution and aim for a balanced adjustment.


By following these detailed steps, your Herman Miller Aeron chair with Lumbar Support should now be correctly assembled, providing you with unparalleled ergonomic support and comfort. Remember, if the chair's height begins to adjust itself unexpectedly, revisiting the pin adjustment steps can provide a simple solution.

Thank you for choosing the Herman Miller Aeron chair. For more ergonomic solutions and guides, stay connected with us. Your comfort and satisfaction are our priority.

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