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Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair: Is the Headrest Worth It?

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Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair: Is the Headrest Worth It?

Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair is the headrest worth it

When it comes to office chairs, Herman Miller is a well-known name. Their latest model, the Mirra 2 chair, is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for those who spend long hours at their desks. Office Logix Shop decided to take this ergonomic experience to the next level by producing the first ergonomic Mirra 2 headrest, which enables the Mirra 2 users to customize their comfort and support. But is the headrest worth it? In this article, we'll explore the benefits of Herman Miller's Mirra 2 chair headrest and help you decide if it's right for you.

What is a headrest?

What is a headrest

A headrest is a type of ergonomic support designed to provide extra comfort and support to the neck and head while seated. It typically attaches to the back of an office chair. It is usually adjustable, so that it can be raised or lowered to fit the individual’s needs. While a headrest’s main function in, let’s say, a car is majorly for immediate safety purposes, the headrest on office chairs ensures your safety for the long run by keeping your posture as healthy as possible.

What does a headrest do?

What does a headrest do

A headrest helps reduce strain on the neck and upper back by providing a place for the head to rest when seated for extended periods of time. It also promotes better posture by allowing the head to be held in the proper position while seated. This can help reduce fatigue and prevent neck and shoulder pain. One additional use for the headrest is providing the users with a chance to lay back for a bit after working for extended hours. Who needs a couch in their office anyway?

Types of Headrests:

There are many different types of headrests available, from basic cushions to more sophisticated ones with adjustable angles and heights. Some even have breathable fabrics for added comfort. Many office chairs come with built-in headrests, which is a hassle-free addition, but some great ergonomic office chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron and Mirra 2 don’t have built-in headrests from Herman Miller and that’s why companies like Office Logix Shop step up to fill the gap. It first started with the Herman Miller Aeron headrest. Now, the Mirra 2 headrest and soon the Embody headrest!

Mirra 2 headrest:

Mirra 2 Headrest


Through the team’s expertise and the provided feedback from the actual users, Office Logix Shop has released the new Herman Miller Mirra 2 headrest, which was designed by professional American and British engineers and assembled in the United States.

Please feel free to watch our initial Mirra 2 headrest release video that explains the functions of this brilliant headrest.


With a height of 6.5 inches and a width of 12.7, the first Mirra 2 ergonomic headrest is designed to be suitable for all sizes.

The headrest has two pivot points one at that attachment to the back of the chair and one at the headrest rail, allowing a wide range of movement to bring the headrest closer and further away from the chair. Additionally, the rails allow the headrest to move upward and downward vertically. 

Breathable plastic and Butterfly Fabric Cover

Mirra 2 Headrest Breathable Plastic

Having a breathable headrest is one of the most important features any headrest can have. Breathability is measured through the headrest’s ability to carry the moisture from the user’s body to the surrounding environment.

The reasons behind pursuing a headrest with a breathable ability stem from preventing the user’s head from overheating and constant sweating, which is common in closed spaces, such as office environments and high-temperature locations. Moreover, sweat contributes to producing unpleasant odors from the equipment owing to the growing bacteria.

Having mentioned that, without a breathability function, the reclining experience will be uncomfortable and “sticky”, not to mention more frequent and hectic cleaning to get rid of the smells.

Mirra 2 Headrest Inserts

Our final and most exciting feature is our breathable inserts. they come in multiple colors to match the common Mirra 2 Chair butterfly mesh colors. The beauty of the insert covers are their ease of install, removal and exchange allowing the user to install a different color at the drop of a hat within seconds.


Mirra 2 headrest warranty

Office Logix Shop is committed to its clients by providing the highest quality Mirra 2 headrests for the best price. Our engineers conducted numerous scientific studies and calculations to ensure that it endures the typical usage. Despite that, and since our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, we are offering a two-year warranty for all mechanical functions.  

Should you get the Mirra 2 headrest?

Yes! The ergonomic benefits that a headrest provides can definitely make it worth the investment. If you spend long hours in your office chair, a good quality headrest can provide much-needed relief from neck and shoulder pain, as well as help promote good posture.

The adjustable headrest allows users to find the most comfortable position, while the mesh fabric helps to promote air circulation and keep you cool. Additionally, the headrest can be quickly removed if not desired, making the Mirra 2 Chair an ideal choice for those who need an ergonomic office chair with the option of a headrest. Finally, Office Logix Shop was the first to produce an ergonomic headrest for the Mirra 2 chair, and each headrest comes with a warranty for extra peace of mind.


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