Ergonomic Gaming Chairs Best Selection in the Midwest!

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs Best Selection in the Midwest!

Gaming chairs in Ohio [better title?]

Gaming chairs have been a hot commodity for a while now. Against the established beliefs of non-gamers, PC and console gaming needs much more than a screen and a gaming rig, especially if your gaming room is your getaway after a long day of work or school. That’s why users have started to realize that an attractive looking chair that screams “I’M A HARDCORE GAMER” is as important as a comfortable one. This can be noticed while watching your favorite streamers on Twitch or Youtube. Everyone seems to own one of those shiny gaming chairs because they mirror their gaming personality.

Whether you’re located in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, Louisville, or Detroit  OfficeLogixShop gives you the opportunity to sit in, test and compare all of our chair selection to see what works for you! 

Can an ergonomic office chair be used for gaming?

While ergonomic office chairs are perfectly fine for gaming, one of the goals of gaming chairs is to provide the users with a comprehensive experience. People buy sports cars to feel the glamor, knowing they can get less shiny cars, which are as powerful, but don’t provide the same thrill. An ergonomic office chair is your professional looking, powerful, and prestigious car. On the other hand, a gaming one is bright, daring, and gives the sense of belonging to an exclusive club.

How to choose the perfect gaming chair?

Purchasing a chair might seem quick and easy. In the end, it’s only a chair, right? Actually, there are some few points you should note prior to buying one. We’ll help you here to have an idea so you can ask our staff at Columbus showroom for the best features that suit your needs.


The user’s height and weight play an important role when shopping around for a gaming chair. A comfy, spacious, and multiple height adjustment seat is usually the first thing people look for, but an ergonomic gaming chair is also designed to maintain a healthy posture. The back will be supporting your weight when you recline, and thus, it’s essential to know the reclining range, included mechanisms to replicate a natural body posture, and how it perfectly alleviates the pressure off your spine.

Adjustability options

There are several adjustability features that you might want to consider. For instance, the lumbar support, armpads range of motion, seat depth, controlling the height so you can have your feet flat on the floor to maintain a healthy posture, and a tilt tension to name some.


[A photo for the steel]

The market is full with all kinds of gaming chairs and some of them are robust enough to last for a long time. Unfortunately, there are other chairs made of cheap materials that will leave you with broken parts or an uncomfortable experience soon enough. While this is not a problem for us since at OfficeLogixShop we make sure to supply the best available chairs, it’s useful to ask about the durability of the steel and foam before buying.

Visit our Ohio showroom to Come See and Test our the Wide Selection of Gaming Chairs! We would love to answer any questions you have and serve your gaming needs!