Herman Miller Embody Seat Fabric Replacement Tutorial

Herman Miller Embody Seat Fabric Replacement Tutorial

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How to Replace the Seat Fabric on Your Herman Miller Embody Chair?

Today, OfficeLogixShop brings you a much-anticipated tutorial. If you're grappling with the common issue of torn or stained seat fabric on your Embody chair, don't worry—we have the perfect solution. This simple guide will show you how to easily replace the fabric on your office chair, giving it a fresh, new look. Let's get started!

Tools and Materials Needed:

Steps to Replace the Seat Fabric:

Preparing the Chair:

  • Begin by flipping the chair onto its back for easier access to the seat's underside.

Removing the Hooks and Old Fabric:

  • Detach the hooks from the seat's front latches.
  • Carefully remove the seat's fabric by starting from the front, then discard the worn fabric.

Replacing the Rail Attachments:

  • Examine the one-way plastic rail attachments. If they're broken or worn out, replace them with new ones to ensure a secure fit for the new fabric.

Cleaning the Seat:

  • Before installing the new fabric, make sure the seat is completely clean and free of dust. This step is crucial for a neat finish.

Installing the New Fabric:

  • With the cushion facing down, align the new fabric on the seat. The wider side of the fabric should face the seat's front.
  • Flip the edges of the fabric over the seat, securing them into place. You should hear clicking sounds as the pins lock into position.

Securing the Fabric:

  • Flip the fabric edges to hook the clips properly onto the seat.
  • Reinsert the hooks into the seat's front latches to ensure the fabric is tightly secured.


And that's it! You've successfully replaced the seat fabric on your Herman Miller Embody chair, revitalizing its appearance and comfort. This simple change can significantly impact your workspace's look and feel, ensuring your chair remains a stylish and comfortable part of your office for years to come.

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