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Herman Miller Mirra 2 Finally Has A Headrest and it's NOT by Atlas

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The First Ever Herman Miller Mirra 2 Headrest and it is not by Atlas

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Headrest

For the first time ever, Herman Miller Mirra 2 users will witness the first of its kind headrest in the office chairs market. In September of 2021 OfficeLogixShop created its first headrest for the Aeron series, and since its major success in the market, the team at OfficeLogixShop strived to release a better and upgraded version for the Mirra 2 to address the clients’ requests and remarks.

Through the team’s expertise and the provided feedback from the actual users, Office Logix Shop is delighted to announce the new Herman Miller Mirra 2 headrest, which was designed by professional American and British engineers and assembled in the United States. 

This first headrest for the Mirra 2 is created by OfficeLogixShop and NOT by Atlas!

Technical specifications

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Headrest

Please feel free to watch our initial Mirra 2 headrest release video that explains the functions of this brilliant headrest.


With a height of 6.5 inches and a width of 12.7, the first Mirra 2 ergonomic headrest is designed to be suitable for all sizes.

The headrest has two pivot points one at that attachment to the back of the chair and one at the headrest rail, allowing a wide range of movement to bring the headrest closer and further away from the chair. Additionally, the rails allow the headrest to move upward and downward vertically.  

Breathable plastic and Butterfly Fabric Cover

Herman Miller Mirra 2 comfortable headrest

Having a breathable headrest is one of the most important features any headrest can have. Breathability is measured through the headrest’s ability to carry the moisture from the user’s body to the surrounding environment.

The reasons behind pursuing a headrest with a breathable ability stem from preventing the user’s head from overheating and constant sweating, which is common in closed spaces, such as office environments, and high-temperature locations. Moreover, sweat contributes to producing unpleasant odors from the equipment owing to the growing bacteria.

Having mentioned that, without a breathability function, the reclining experience will be uncomfortable and “sticky”, not to mention more frequent and hectic cleaning to get rid of the smells.

Our final and most exciting feature is our breathable butterfly fabric slip on cover. It will come in multiple colors to match the common Mirra 2 Chair butterfly mesh colors. The beauty of the slip on covers will be their ease of install, removal and exchange allowing the user to install a different color at the drop of a hat within seconds. 

Can it be used for gaming purposes?

Herman Miller Mirra 2 Ergonomic headrest

If you already own a Mirra 2 and use it for gaming, then, this headrest is for you. The main purpose of a headrest is to support your head, especially if you indulge in long gaming sessions. Neck pains are usually a result of an unnatural posture that leaves your neck and body in pain for hours, not to mention the long-term effects on your posture.

We understand that a competitive online match or a brutal boss needs extensive focus, which, as a natural habit, we arch our backs and get closer to the screen, and therefore, a headrest will assist in maintaining a natural posture through aligning the spine while playing.

Lastly, other than relieving neck pains and correcting the user’s posture, headrests are essential for pure comfort. When you need to take a break, combine Herman Miller Mirra 2 reclining abilities with the headrest’s comfortability to sit back and relax for a bit.


Office Logix Shop is committed to its clients by providing the highest quality Mirra 2 headrests for the best price. Our engineers conducted numerous scientific studies and calculations to ensure that it endures the typical usage. Despite that, and since our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, we are offering a two-year warranty for all mechanical functions.   

Herman Miller Mirra easy to install headrest

It is also important to note that OfficeLogixShop Herman Miller Mirra 2 does not affect your Herman Miller warranty since it does not require drilling into the frame of the chair. OfficeLogixShop headrest uses a spring mechanism that is easy to install.

Release date

This Winter Holiday Season 2022

Herman Miller Mirra 2 adjustable headrest

Our Herman Miller Mirra 2 headrest is available to be pre-ordered on our website! While quantities last, if you pre-order today, expect to receive your headrest in December. Did we mention that shipping is also free?


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